Weight Loss

Hypnotherapy is a natural and safe way to make permanent changes to your eating habits for effective weight loss. I work with you to change the way you approach food and eating, lose weight and become healthier.

You will develop skills to help you lose weight and build your confidence and self-esteem so you can make the healthy changes you want to make. One to one, we will explore the reasons you overeat, or cannot lose weight and together we’ll make a change.

Struggling with your weight?

Would you like to:

  • Stop constantly thinking about food and your weight
  • Develop a new self image
  • Lose weight without constant dieting
  • Be happy with your weight and enjoy your food
  • Stop worrying about your weight and about weight loss
  • Start looking forward to losing weight and achieving your goals
  • Feel better about yourself

Over the sessions, I work with you on all areas in life which are stopping you from being the weight you want to be. It could be stress, family, work, depression – together we work in detail to tackle the reasons you overeat.

By helping you to understand what triggers emotional or binge eating, I help you to manage stress, build motivation, and assist with controlling your appetite. Hypnotherapy can help you to think about food in a different way; as a means of nourishing your body, and not a kind of medication to cope with your emotions.

Together, we look in detail at your current eating habits, work to build your self-esteem and confidence so you can make lasting changes. We can work together to access the particular stressors and emotions that trigger overeating for you, whether this is unhappiness, stress, anxiety or comfort.

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Success Stories

"I just wanted to thank Celia for all her help. I had been putting on weight for the last 16 years since I had my kids and getting bigger and bigger. I couldn't face doing anything about losing weight. I was losing confidence in myself too and avoided meeting new people or doing new things. Since seeing Celia I have been gradually losing weight for the first time in ages, and for the very first time it has felt effortless. I am drinking less too and feel more in control of my life. I’m starting to feel more confident too. I feel happy with myself for the first time in ages. Thank you so much."



"I was worried going in to hypnotherapy that I would feel 'different' or not in control but Celia put me at ease and was very calming. I have had eating issues for many years and noticed that after a few sessions I wasn't craving sweet foods or overeating, my desire to lose weight and be healthy overtook my desire to eat, something I've never been able to overcome. I still have days when I don't eat very well but they are the odd day and if it happens I am always back on the straight & narrow the following day or later in the day."


Tunbridge Wells

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