Confidence & Self Esteem

Sometimes we may need help improving our confidence and self esteem. We all get down now and then; it’s important to pick ourselves up so we don’t isolate ourselves from others.

Confidence can be knocked from a job loss, a relationship, or other difficult experiences, which in turn, lead to anxiety. We might need help becoming confident again – that’s where I can help.

We all want confidence

Positive self esteem helps us to live our lives to the full, enjoy differing experiences and feel excited by the potential of our lives. Working together we will look at the root causes of your low self esteem. We will then use the deeply relaxed state that hypnotherapy provides to improve the way you feel about yourself.

We will harness positive feelings from times when you have felt confident and positive to improve the way you see yourself now.  Find out more here.

There are many ways to raise low self-esteem, find out more from the NHS.

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Success Stories

"I feel so much happier about myself now. I have managed to turn off my inner judgement and feel more so much more positive and in control. Everything we did revolved around me and that really worked for me. Things are going well at the moment and I really feel like I've got everything under control which is down to Celia so many thanks."


Borough Green

“I just wanted to thank Celia for the hypnotherapy session last week. I didn't think we could achieve much in only one session, but I drove straight to Maidstone afterwards and am driving without panicking now”



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