Creating self confidence

1 May 2019

Self confidence is that elusive quality we all want. It’s feeling good about ourselves and our abilities, whatever we’re doing. It doesn’t matter if we’re giving a presentation, having an interview, meeting new people, or facing difficult experiences – self confidence helps us to successfully face up to life’s challenges.  It means we believe in ourselves, no matter what is going on in our lives.

Benefits of self belief

Confident people tend to feel happier because they recognise they have more successes. Feeling better about our abilities helps to energise and motivate us to take action to achieve the things we want.

Research conducted by Mann et al in 2004 associated self confidence with better health, social lives, successful coping and mental well-being.

But, confidence can ebb and flow throughout our lifetime. We all experience times which knock our confidence.  It may be the result of being bullied, losing a job, difficulties at work, the end of a relationship, separation or divorce, money problems or worries about appearance and weight.  The answer, at such times, is to work to rebuild and develop our confidence.  To feel self-assured again, we need to learn how it feels to approach life with confidence.


Improving self confidence

The good news is that if we are lacking in confidence, there are ways to improve it. Confidence can be learnt and built upon.  Becoming more confident is something that is achievable for everyone.  Feeling confident helps us to be more satisfied with the choices we make in life.

When I work with clients who want to increase their confidence, we look at their life as a whole to find the approach that works for them. We look at their thoughts and feeling in detail to find out how they contribute to stress and anxiety.  Once we understand patterns of behaviour, we have the key to making lasting changes.  Together we develop strategies to help you to be decisive, try new experiences and stay in control when things get difficult. Using hypnotherapy, CBT and mindfulness, we work together to make the changes you want, in a way that lasts.

Here are five ways to improve your self-confidence.

Focus on posture

It has been shown that confident posture has positive effects on our hormones. Positive posture sends images to the brain, which in turn informs the body how it feels. If you want to feel confident, you need your posture to send that message to your brain.

Simply imagine having sensations of confidence and practice feeling them in your body. Concentrate on feeling your feet on the ground, your spine erect and your body relaxed and open. Remember to smile.

Target your positive qualities

When we lack confidence, we tend to focus on the negative and think poorly about ourselves. Noticing and evaluating our positive qualities helps us to use them more.

To begin recognising your positives, it is important to write them down. It can help to ask, Are there qualities I like about myself? What have I achieved? How many challenges have I overcome? What do others like about me?

Take exercise

Exercise has a powerful effect on confidence. Regular exercise releases endorphins into the body. These interact with the brain to produce a pleasurable state of mind which helps you to see yourself in a more positive way. Doing this frequently will give you more energy and help you to feel motivated to act in ways that build your confidence.

Use your imagination

Your mind is a powerful tool you can use to imagine acting as if you are confident.

Close your eyes and relax your body completely. Stay connected with the sensation of relaxation and imagine going through the day feeling confident. Allow yourself to feel comfortably pleasant whatever you encounter and envision all the good feelings you will have.

Treat yourself well

Make it a point to treat yourself well every day. Make time to do something nice for yourself everyday. Before you go to bed each night write down how you treated yourself well during the day.

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